The Trust achieved the task of establishing this college with a B.Ed., course under the leadership of the Chairman for the K.S.Memorial Education Trust, Mr. S. Palanikumarasamy, B.A., B.L., who is the founder and managing Trustee of the Trust and also the first Chairman of the K.S.M. College of Education for Women. Mr. P. Kumarasamy, M.E., is the Vice-Chairman who shoulders on the responsibilities of the Administration and Mrs. K. Gopiga, B.E.,M.C.A., is currently the Correspondent/Secretary of the College K.S.M.College of Education for Women is established by the K.S.Memorial Education Trust to perpetuate the memory of Thiru.K.Subramania Konar of Avaniapuram, the father of founder Chairman and a gentleman who propagated during his life to impart education for all and for the women in particular so that many families can be converted into educated families and attain proper status in the society as he thought that the education alone is the real wealth in life than any other material wealth in the world.

                The Trust was registered with registrar of trust on 31st October 2000 vide registration no: MDR A 694/84. The Managing Trustee and Chairman of the trust is Sri.S.Palanikumarasamy,B.A., B.L.,. He has dedicated himself for the development and promotion of the Trust.

            K.S.Memorial Education Trust is a service-oriented organization formed for the promotion and development of education in different fields of Education, which includes providing education to students to become teachers. The trust was started during the year 2000 and during 2005-06 it started a B.Ed College in a rented building at the centre place of Madurai city. The trust have acquired land measuring around 5.18 acres at Therkkutheru,


Mr. S. Palanikumarasamy B.A.,B.L.,         Managing Trustee-Chairman
Mrs. P.Yasothai Palanikumarasamy           Trustee
Mr. P. Kumarasamy M.E                         Trustee
Mr. P. Muthukumarasamy B.E                  Trustee
Mr. P.Sukumar M.E                                Trustee
Mrs. K.Gopiga Kumarasamy B.E              Trustee - Secretary